Sunday, February 3, 2013

On Being Asked What My Poems Are About: An Inventory

Children and people who used to be
children, couples (happy and unhappy,
together and separated, future and past),
traveling, trucks, rivers, and roads 
(country, city, traveled and less traveled,
crossed, high, low, and to nowhere)
wine, weddings, water, weather, winters
seasons, death, ghosts, graves,
families, friends (real and imaginary),
fire, fingers, foreign countries (mostly France)
a few things that happened in high school,
letters, toys, music (mostly the Beatles),
camping, coffee, prayers, other poems,
full moons, crescent moons, half moons,
many poor decisions and a few good ones,
notebooks, leaving home and going back,
losing home and finding it (or at least looking),
books and baked goods, nostalgia, regret,
longing and more longing, mostly longing.

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