Saturday, May 4, 2013

Filmmaker Julian Semillian Answers a Few Questions

Filmmaker and writer, Julian Semillian's most recent work is Gazing Oozing with Mendacity, a meditation on the works of Julio Cortazar, Jorge Luis Borges, and Arthur Rimbaud.  His other films include Devotees of the Precipitate and Tear Void Insomnia Mist.  He joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 1998.

How did it happen?
 My right hand covers my mouth in what could be viewed as a posture of puzzlement.

Describe a dream.
Fish are circling my torso which is a field of dead soldiers' graves, who knows what war, stained by flames which mysteriously form the signs of an unknown alphabet, interrupted by oscillating compasses which appear at irregular intervals, but do appear regularly. In the background, parade the tools of another century.

What should you have done then?
 This question is the reason for my posture of puzzlement. Perhaps I should have taken notes.

What question are you afraid of getting?
 What would you do if you were unbearably thirsty and suddenly arrived at the Well of the Eternal?

Name it!
Here I must cover my mouth.

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